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Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)

The POCUS SIG was established in 2023 to promote point of care ultrasound education and training locally and in the region. Several events are planned for 2024. These include a joint webinar with the Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists in January, and a perioperative POCUS Masterclass workshop during the World Congress of Anaesthesiologists in March 2024.

Founding members:

Dr Suresh Paranjothy, Dr Prit Anand Singh, Dr Suneel R Desai, Dr Alex Joseph, Dr Koh Zheng Ning & Dr Lau Yie Hui Please contact the SSA secretariat by email if you would like to join or have an enquiry.

Perioperative POCUS Certificate of Completion of Training

The Department of Anaesthesia, National Univesity Hospital Singapore provides an online training program for Perioperative POCUS. This is endorsed by the Singapore Society of Anaesthesiologists. Please e-mail anasp@nus.edu.sg for further details. The training program is currently provided free of charge. Visit pocus.sg for more details.

Next Webinar: 18th of January 2024

USE it: UltraSound made Easy for Critical Care Physicians and Anaesthesiologists.

Regional Anaesthesia

The Regional Anaesthesia Special Interest Group (RA SIG) formed under the auspices of SSA aims to create a platform for anaesthetists in Singapore with an interest in regional anaesthesia to network and exchange ideas.

We aim to have a few events per year which includes CME talks/ lectures, as well as basic to advanced workshops, catering to anaesthetists of all competencies in RA. The inaugural Cadaveric Ultrasound-guided Regional Anaesthesia workshop in Singapore was organised by Dr Lim Yean Chin on 29-30th June 2013, at Changi General Hospital, supported by SSA.

All anaesthetists in Singapore who have an interest in this exciting field are welcome to join this SIG! Do get in touch if you would like to be a member of this SIG or be on the mailing list to receive information on upcoming events.


The mission of Neuroanaesthesia and Neurocritical Care special interest group (SIG) is provide a support network to foster interest in the peri-operative care and anaesthesia of patients with neurosurgical pathology.

The SIG under the auspices of the Singapore Society of Anaesthesiologists (SSA) serves as a unifying link between neuro-anaesthesiologists and neuro-intensivists with the wider anaesthesiology community. It aims to promote those activities that will enhance the exchange of ideas and access to educational opportunities among specialists, fellows and residents in the fields of neuroanaesthesia and neuro-intensive care. The inaugural Neuroanaesthesia SIG session on 4th August 2012 was an interactive workshop on the practical use of TIVA-TCI in TTSH conducted by Prof Lim TA (Universiti Putra Malaysia), Dr See JJ, Dr Chong CT, Dr Mandy Lim and Dr Beatrice Lim (Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore)

Members of Neuroanaesthesia SIG

Dr Chong Chin Ted
Dr June Goh

A/Prof Thomas Lew
A/Prof Kwek Tong Kiat
Dr See Jee Jian
Dr Mandy Lim
Dr Beatrice Lim

Dr Tan Tong Khee
Dr Natascha Fherzinah Ghadiali
Dr Aaron Lee
Dr Tan Sue-Anne
Dr Yeoh Tze Yeng

Airway Management

Airway Management


The Airway Management Special Interest Group (SIG) acts as a platform for anaesthestists with a particular interest and involvement in airway management to interact and share ideas. Our SIG comprises of representatives from all restructured hospitals and even from the private sector. The Airway SIG aims to promote and enhance access to airway-related activities such as hands-on airway workshops and continuing medical education (CME) talks.

Since 2018, the Airway SIG members have been working together to conduct an annual, national-based airway educational workshop, the National Airway Program Singapore (NAPS). By hosting NAPS on a rotational basis amongst all the restructured hospitals, the SIG members have been able to play to their strengths and offer varied but pertinent airway content, from high-fidelity simulation to wet lab experience, to the workshop participants. NAPS also acts as a collaborating bridge between anaesthesiology, emergency medicine, otolaryngology (ENT) and intensive care physicians, enhancing the exchange of ideas and fostering ties across disciplines. Our SIG members also fly the SSA flag overseas as invited speakers and workshop instructors at various international conferences and airway workshops.


All anaesthetists in Singapore who have a special interest in airway management are welcome to join the SIG!


Dr Zhang Jinbin, Senior Consultant Anaesthetist, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

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