A selection of latest articles from local & international journals, local and international anaesthesia related news, eductional content and associated material. We welcome contributions from SSA members. Send us a short article, opinion piece, clinical pearl, how I do it, or any anaesthesia related educational content and we will put it up after review. Edited and maintained by Dr Suresh Paranjothy.

NUHS Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Mission Trip

Drs Hwang Kai Yin and Nanthini Pillay reflect on their recent trip to Fiji, where they were part of a mission trip carrying out important and vital cardiac surgery for children with congenital heart conditions.

NATA – PBM Marathon

NATA, the Network for the Advancement of Patient Blood Management, Haemostasis and Thrombosis (formerly the Network for the Advancement of Transfusion Alternatives)  recently hosted a 24h World Webinar – PBM Marathon in collaboration with colleagues and medical societies around the world.

Tobacco Use: What Anaesthetists Can Do About It.

What can anaesthetists do to address tobacco use disorder. A summary of this article is provided by Mr John Tsao & Ms Sz-Ying, medical students from YLLSoM, NUS.

Tackling the Desflurane Problem

Dr Poh Pei Kee talks about tackling the Desflurane problem and how his team achieved remarkable results with a quality improvement project.

Artificial Intelligience in Perioperative Medicine

Artificial intelligence continues to make important contributions to patient safety, healthcare, diagnostics and prediction algorithms. Read more about the potential role of AI in perioperative medicine.

Recycling Plastics

Dr Andrea Yap, Consultant Anaesthetist from the National University Hospital, Singapore talks about recycling plastics and IV fluid bags.

Thoracic Anaesthesia Quick Review

A concise quick guide about current practices in thoracic anaesthesia, for the occasional thoracic anaesthetist. Written by Dr Edmond Cohen.


The National Audit Projects (NAP) of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA UK) investigate rare and serious complications and events associated with anaesthetic practice. One component of these large collaborative projects is the activity survey, which provides detailed patient-level denominator data for the project on…


Dexmedetomidine sedation is associated with less post op delirium compared to propofol when used for sedation in patients undergoing orthopedic procedures under spinal.

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